Generation C

Traditionally, marketing tends to focus on the key characteristics of their target group. And a very general way to categorise those groups is by simply clustering them by age group, yielding the famous Generations called Baby Boomers, or X, Y and Z. These generations share certain traits, customs, preferences, desires, dreams. Real easy, if you liking putting people into pigeon holes. But a new, nifty little medium has recently taken flight, and is changing all that stuff like it is changing so many things that have been the same for the past 100 years. It’s called the internet, and people really seem to be into it these days.

A generation is most often described as people from the same age, within a 30year-or-so margin. Another, less used definition for a generation is ‘People within a delineated population who experience the same significant events within a given period of time’. And in terms of significant events, we all have been experiencing our share due to the internet and the changes it has brought to the way we send, receive and process information. These events have created a new generation, one that is no longer grouping people by their date of birth, but by their lifestyles. A generation that is defined by 4 C’s; Connectcreate, curate and community. Gen C…

The 4 C’s

Connecting with others is done on a social and emotional level, like it has been done since we started walking upright. The main difference is that this GEN C brings Tech into the equation. Whether it be the spoken word, the written tekst, video, photo or image, connecting is done via a multitude of applications that extend the speed and reach of the connection.

Creating these messages that are send out to the world is one of the main focusses. Any original content that comes flying by is immediately curated, checked for value and the image is brings. It is than modified, creating something worth sharing and worth being associated with. It is then kicked into the World Wide Community for all to see and to be linked to ones persona.

This is all nice and well, but how does that help us, ambitious marketers look to make a dent in exactly that generation. The answer is easy as pie; get amongst it! Join in on the revolution, connect on those platforms and create your backside off to get your product, service or brand across. Show them not (only) your brand, but create it’s personality by sharing whatever you feel your brand should be associated with. This will in turn help Gen C determine wether it is something they would want to be associated with.

Sounds easy enough right? It’s not. But here is an example that really inspired us. So get out there. On your phone, laptop or tablet. Join in, or be left out.

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