The times, they are a-changin’. We are constantly telling each other that the way we treat our planet will have to become more focused on the long-term; however, we seem to disagree on the perspective we should take on how this good intention can be implemented.

It’s no secret that we, as humans, tend to stress the positives more than the negatives in any situation. We at THG have no intention of telling you that everything is all right, that civilization will turn this thing around and that we will all live happily ever after. Maybe we will. Maybe we won’t.

Then again, staying positive has its ups. It’s good for the mind, the soul, the body and the bank account. It’s not often people freak out when hearing positive news, with the exception of a positive pregnancy test. So, as we are a positive company, with positive people and a positive attitude, we’ll keep things on the bright side for now, and focus on the things that are going pretty well. In terms of sustainability, that is. Not pregnancy. That would be weird.


There is plenty to be positive about when looking at the developments in the event world. It wouldn’t be a far stretch to say that events, especially those in the festival scene, are at the forefront of creating new ways to be more sustainable within our environment; especially in the way that we enjoy our lives, use energy, consume water and food and the other elements. And, although not completely changing this in a definitive way, these festivals are certainly creating awareness and showing us what could be the next step in the event genre.

As most of these festivals are produced annually, it leaves the organizers time to contemplate changes, inspirations and developments that can be implemented in the following edition. Considering the fact that every edition should top its predecessor, it’s no Mysteryland why these festivals have created cutting-edge ways to make their experiences greener, more cradle-to-cradle and extremely organic and sustainable.

Consider this: A few years back, Mysteryland was the most sustainable festival in the world. Its key features were the fact that the team used green power and had designated trash collectors on the premises. (Although noble, those aspects are pretty much expected of you when organizing an event or festival in 2018.) Only three years later, the organisation already has its focus on aspects like local farming, using nearby vendors to supply everything – from fish and meat, to even the paper that is used in the Mysteryland offices. How does such a largescale operation make such an accomplishment? By appointing a ‘sustainability manager’ at various festivals, to ensure the constant drive for a better and greener product.

Meanwhile, taking pole position in the race for sustainability, is DGTL, voted Amsterdam’s most sustainable company in 2017 and it’s Spanish operation DGTL Barcelona the Most Sustainable Festival that year. The company’s devotion to a more sustainable festival – and world – goes as far as to convert fluids from the festival restrooms back into drinking water, to the implementation of a meatless food court. DGTL Amsterdam’s new ambition is to become the world’s first circular festival, a completely zero-waste project that is a contribution to both culture and nature – without a permanent (negative) impact.


These festivals and their innovations are of great inspiration to us, as we tailor our projects more to the business event market. And, although some ideas are more suited for a festival crowd, rather than a product launch or a branded event, the thought of a circular, zero-footprint event should appeal to a great number of companies and brands. Virtually, every large brand has sustainability on its agenda, mission, vision or payoff these days. And, what better a way than to lead by example, and assigning your live communications agency to draw up a circular event concept for the next big happening. We are ready to pick up that gauntlet any day, and that day is today!

Come find us at The Hospitality Group Amsterdam or ‘s-Hertogenbosch if you are passionate about the idea of a circular event, or go grab a sip of water and ponder the idea at DGTL, if you are not…