If you can remember one of our Virgin staff parties, you probably weren’t there – Richard Branson. This, and many more quotes from famous entrepreneurs regarding their staff-focused management styles, float around in countless management books and websites. Happy employees = happy managers + happy entrepreneurs. If only the formula for the ‘happy employees’ part were as simple. But with multiple generations making up the working population, it is not easy to create a company culture in which the demands of all these generations are met.

As we are a company founded, run and populated by millennials, we tend to focus our own company culture and that of our work towards that group. And as this is the dominantly growing population in both the current workforce and the consumer market, we feel that communications should be tailored towards that groups as well. So it helps to keep the new generation in mind, whether it be for marketing, internal culture, or this article for that matter.


Of course there are the countless examples of the tech giants of this world, that are able to provide their staff with the most elaborate and astonishing benefits. We have seen the pictures of office buildings equipped with space shuttle shaped calling booths, live pet giraffes, Yosemite size climbing walls, Michelin starred cafetarias and Monday morning meetings with Tony Robbins. Unfortunately, not all companies are tech giants. Unfortunately, not all companies have space for a climbing wall or can get permits for African animals. Fortunately, not all companies have to.

Of course all that stuff is nice to have. Who would say no? But in order to keep your predominantly millennial crew motivated, it would suffice to do one thing really well; give them the feeling of uniqueness and community. A great way of accomplishing both is through B2E events, which allow for staff to experience bond building and interconnection with both company and colleagues.

A company event, even the most basic one, will beat a memo or newsletter any day of the week as it focusses more on togetherness and less on plain infographics and data.

No wonder B2E is a strongly developing niche within the event industry, with companies organising large festival-like conferences, camping trips or ski tours to both train and entertain their human capital. During those events company info, creative brainstorm sessions, new ambitions and trainings are combined with sportive, festive and cultural elements. And no; you don’t have to build a Tomorrowland replica in your parking lot to do this. As long as it’s unique and you focus on the social connection between employees, a nice dinner, party or weekend trip can most certainly be as powerful. It just takes some creative thinking and planning. And if your agenda is too full to do even that, give your favourite event agency a call. They love that kind of stuff…


Whoever has the happiest employees wins. It’s as simple as that. So either let them sit on a ball at their desk, serve them a pokebowl, or throw them a party. As long as you don’t send them some boring article about how to make your employees happy. That really doesn’t work for anyone…

Come find us at The Hospitality Group Amsterdam or ‘s-Hertogenbosch if you want to join our next company trip, but know that we do not mess around during those…